Antitrust Litigation, Financial Litigation, Commodity Litigation, Shareholder Litigation

The Firm’s lawyers focus on resolving financial disputes and recovering capital from investments in privately and publicly held companies, real estate, and alternative investment products. We focus on emphasizing competency, creativity, due diligence, effectiveness, and being strategic.

Practice Areas

Antitrust Litigation Practice
The Antitrust Litigation practice represents consumers and small business owners in disputes against manufactures concerning monopolization and price fixing.
Commodity Litigation Practice
The Commodity Litigation practice concerns the representation of individuals and investors on a contingency-fee basis in disputes relating to the manipulation of commodities, such as crypto-currencies, financial instruments, metals, foods and dairy products.
Investor Litigation Practice
Representing individuals against their financial advisors and brokers that have engaged in various types of gross negligence and misconduct.
Shareholder Litigation Practice
Represent investors domestically and around the globe in disputes concerning dissenters’ rights, insider trading, market and stock manipulation claims.

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