Who We Are

Morganti & Co., P.L.C. is a professional law corporation registered with the State of Michigan. Morganti & Co., P.C. is a professional law corporation registered with the province of Ontario, Canada, and regulated by the Law Society of Ontario. The Firms’ lawyers are able to represent domestic and foreign-based clients in courts across North America. The Firm routinely represents investors based in Canada, England, France, Germany, Monaco, Netherlands, and the United States. The Firms’ lawyers also work in conjunction with accountants, economists, and lawyers across North America and Europe.

Important Court Decisions

Morganti & Co. is one of the leading law firms across Canada that litigate investors’ claims.  We have been successful in bringing about some of the most important pro-investor court decisions.

The Professionals

Our team consists of members committed to providing business owners and investors access to justice by enforcing their rights through vision and the power of contingency-fee litigation. Each member plays a critical role in capturing and preserving competition, investor protection, and shareholder rights with an emphasis on equality and transparency.

Managing Principal