Pretium Resources Inc. (TSX: PVG, NYSE: PVG, FRA: 6P7)

Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Court File No: CV-13-00491800-00CP

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Pretium Resources Inc. (“Pretium”) owns and operates Brucejack Project. Between November 20, 2012 and October 22, 2013, Pretium disseminated the Brucejack Resource Estimate (Snowden, November 2012) and the Feasibility Study (Tetra Tech, June 2013) about the investment quality of its Brucejack Project, and specifically the alleged gold resources and reserves contained within underground mines within the VOK zone, the average gold grade, the quantum of gold to be mined each year over the Life of Mine, and the manner to economically mine the ore. Pretium also published cored documents and press releases based upon these two Reports. These two Reports and Pretium’s related core documents distorted the investment quality of the Company and the Brucejack Project as reflected by the price of Pretium’s share price as traded on the TSX and NYSE.

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